For Users

Roving Trader Tracker is the online business directory for mobile traders. Looking for the good/services of a nearby mobile trader? Maybe you saw a trader at a market or show and want to find them again?

Use Roving Trader Tracker to:

  • Browse and search for nearby mobile businesses
  • Set up alerts to get notified when they're nearby

For Businesses

Are you looking for more warm & fuzzy feelings from meeting new customers and making a sale next year? Are you looking to turn passing trade into customers, followers (literally and metaphorically!) and friends of your business?

We know that for small businesses every sale makes a difference. We want to help you get more of those warm & fuzzy feelings from making a sale by helping more customers find your business, wherever you might be trading. We see that mobile traders are at a disadvantage - customers can't simply return to your shop for a repeat sale and most business directories just aren't suited to businesses trading in different locations.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create a profile for your business on our website. We give you a unique, search engine friendly business listing to showcase your products & services - thereby increasing your online presence.
  2. Update your trading location using the website or our mobile App. You can also post future trading locations and join trading 'events' such as floating markets.
  3. Easily share your location on Social Media or embed it on your own website via our widget - saving you time so you can concentrate on the day's trading ahead.
  4. Users of the website can also find/search for traders in their location and set up alerts when traders are nearby - get interested customers to come to you, rather than relying on passing trade.
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For Event Organisers

Looking for mobile traders for your event, show or market? Looking to advertise your event to the public?

Use Roving Trader Tracker to:

  • Create your event listing and invite traders to attend
  • Allow traders to find and register their interest in trading at your event
  • Make your event public so it appears on our website
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Our history

The idea for Roving Trader Tracker came in November 2017 when its founder, Sam Sharp, who had been living on the canals since 2015, saw how the 400+ network of canal traders have difficulty in publicising their location, relying on Facebook groups or passing trade for customers to find/discover their businesses.

Current business directories are not geared towards mobile businesses that trade in a different location from day-to-day. Sam is a firm believer in using technology to help businesses so he created Roving Trader Tracker - the location-aware online business directory where businsesses can update their current & future trading locations in real-time.

Our timeline is as follows:

  • November 2017: The idea for Roving Trader Tracker was born.
  • November 2017 - January 2019: Prototype website & apps are in development.
  • January 2019: Roving Trader Tracker Ltd is incorporated
  • March 2019: We begin closed-user trials
  • April 2019: The website is launched to the public
  • May 2019: Roving Trader Tracker exhibits at the Crick Boat Show