Another method to update your location in Roving Trader Tracker is by signing up to trading events. By signing up to events as a trader, your business becomes visible on the event's profile page on Roving Trader Tracker so visitors to the event page can see that you're trading at the event. For more information about events in Roving Trader Tracker, see the Event Management page.

Joining Events

To find events to attend as a business you can either use the 'Find Events' from the 'My Business' portal, or you can browse/search for events directly on the Roving Trader Tracker Website. You can also search for an event name directly when adding a new location update from the website - see here for details.

  1. Open the 'Find Events' page from 'My Business':


  1. Here you can browse the list of events or search for events by name, date or location:


  1. Click 'Join event' and select which Business Location you wish to attend the event with:


  1.  Depending on the settings for the event, your request may need to be approved by the event organiser:

    • Open: Any business can automatically join the event
    • Closed: Any business can request to join the event but the request must be accepted by the event organiser
    • Private: Businesses must be invited to the event by the event organiser

  1. If the event has a fee for traders to trade at the event, you should contact the event organiser to pay this.
  2. Once your invitation has been accepted (either automatically if an open event, or once approved by the event organiser - you will receive an email notification when your request has been accepted), the event will be added to your location timeline and it will be visible under the 'Additional Events' tab of the 'Find Events' page:



Removing an Event

To remove your attendance at an event, you can either find the event attendance under 'Additional events' or by finding the location update from the business location that is attending the event (see above). You can delete your attendance from the event from either location.

This will remove the event from your location timeline and also remove your business from the event's list of attending businesses.

You should contact the event organiser and consult their refund policy if you have paid a fee to trade at the event.