The business profile page contains basic information about your business and is used to generate your business profile page on Roving Trader Tracker.

To create/update your business profile page:

  1. Sign in to your account and open the 'My Business' portal from the main navigation window:


  1. Click the 'Profile' link from the 'My Business' menu:


  1. This will open the Business Profile page:


  1. Enter/update the fields for your business - see below for detailed information about each field.

    • Name:  Your business name as you would like it to appear on Roving Trader Tracker
    • Link Alias: This is the unique profile URL for your business (e.g.<link-alias>)
    • Description: The description of your business that you would like to appear on your business profile.
    • Email: Contact email address for your business
    • Site: The website address for your business
    • Phone: Contact phone number for your business
    • Category: The most appropriate overall category for your business - helps visitors find your profile by category.  Clicking in the drop-down box will allow you to browse and search for the category for your business. Please contact us if you cannot find a suitable category.



    • Products/Services: Enter tags for the products/services applicable to your business. Begin typing the tag name and then click the name to add the tag, the drop-down box will suggest existing tags as you type. Users of the site can search for tags and these are also used to optimise your business in search engine results.


    • Default Delivery Radius: If you deliver goods locally from your business locations, you can add a delivery radius. If you add a delivery radius, users searching for businesses around a particular location will include your business in the results if your delivery radius overlaps their search location.


    • Correspondence Address: The correspondence address is used by Roving Trader Tracker for verification purposes and for the delivery of materials (e.g. Roving Trader Tracker stickers). This address is not listed publicly. You can enter your postcode in the location search box to fill in the address fields automatically.

  1. Click 'Save' to update your profile.