To create an event on Roving Trader Tracker:

  1. Click 'My Events' from the events menu when logged in as an upgraded user on an Event Organiser or Premium Package
  2. Click the 'Create Event' button


  1. Complete the form that appears to enter the details of your event. For a detailed description of each field, see the descriptions below.


    • Name: The name of your event as you want it to appear on Roving Trader Tracker.
    • Status: The status of the event for other businesses to sign up / register for the event:
      • Open:        Any business can find & register to attend the event .
      • Closed:        Any business can find the event but must request to attend or can be invited to attend by the organiser.
      • Private:        The event is unlisted for businesses and they must be invited to attend by the organiser.
    • Visible: Indicates whether the event is visible on the site - this can be used to keep the event private until you have businesses signed up to it.
    • Trader Price: The price for other businesses/traders to trade at your event. If the event is free for traders, leave this field blank.
    • Payment Details: If you have set a price for traders to trade at this event, provide payment instructions here.
    • Link Alias: This is the unique URL for your event on Roving Trader Tracker (e.g.<link-alias>). Leaving it blank will automatically generate the link alias from the event name.
    • Description: The description of your event on Roving Trader Tracker.
    • Website: If you have a website for your event, enter it here.
    • Phone:  If you have a website for your event, enter it here.
    • Facebook:  If you have a Facebook page for your event (e.g. a Facebook event), enter it here.
    • Location: Search for the location of your event by entering the address/location in the 'Enter location' field on the map. You can click and drag to move the map marker for more precise control.
    • Address: If you have used the map to search for your location, the address will be pre-filled in from the map marker location but you can add additional address details if required to help people find your event.
    • Date: Enter the dates/times for your event, tick 'whole day' if you do not wish to specify times for the event.

  1. Click 'Save' to create your event.