In addition to mobile business locations, you can also add Fixed Business Locations to Roving Trader Tracker. Fixed business locations are useful if your business also has a physical premises that you trade from.

A fixed business location will appear on the map and in search results but cannot be added to events.

Add a Fixed Business Location

  1. Click the 'Business Locations' menu option from 'My Business':


  1. Click 'Add New Business Location' from the Business Locations Page:


  1. Select 'Fixed' from the 'Type' menu in the New Business Location form:


  1. Enter the remaining details in the form for the fixed business location. See below for detailed description of the fields.

    • Type: Specifies whether it is a fixed or mobile business location.
    • Name: The name of the business location which appears on the business profile page.
    • Link Alias: The unique URL for the business location (e.g.<business-alias>/<business location alias>), it will be automatically generated from the Name field if left blank.
    • Description: The description of the business location that will appear on the business location profile page.
    • Delivery Radius: Specifies for the delivery radius for this business location.
    • Location: The physical location of the fixed business location. Search for a location by typing in the 'Enter location' box. You can drag + drop the marker to adjust the exact location. The address will be auto-filled in from the map location.

  1. Click 'Save' to save the new business location.

Update/Delete Fixed Business Location

To update/delete a fixed business location:

  1. Click the location name from the 'Business Locations' link of the 'My Business' menu.
  2. Enter the updated details and click the 'Save' button or click the 'Delete' button to delete the business location.

Add Photos to Fixed Business Location

Business location photos are visible on the business location profile page. If no business location photos have been added, the business gallery photos will be used instead.

To add photos to the business location:

  1. Click the gallery button next to the business location from the 'Business Locations' page.


  1. To upload photos, you can click in the photo upload area to select a file from your computer, or you can drag + drop files from your computer into the photo upload area:


  1. Once uploaded, you can click + drag to rearrange the photos. The first image in the list will be the main photo for your business location.
  2. To delete an image, click on the image you want to delete and click the trashcan icon that appears under the image: