The Roving Trader Tracker App allows you to update your location using the GPS sensor built into your phone or tablet.

Get the App

Configure the App

Once the App is installed, the App needs be linked one or more business locations on Roving Trader Tracker.

  1. Open the App on your device and you will be presented with your device's unique Tracker ID. If the screen doesn't appear, tap the 'Display device Id' link at the bottom of the App to open the screen.


  1. Open the Business Location on the Roving Trader Tracker website and enter the Tracker ID from the App into the Tracker ID field of the form:


  1. Click 'Save' to save the Tracker ID.
  2. The App is now linked to the business location and you can use it to update your location.

Update your Location

Once you have configured the App, you can use it to update your location as follows:

  1. Open the App on your device
  2. Check that the App is displaying the correct location
  3. Tap the 'Update Location' button on the App
  4. If successful, you will receive a notification in the App and the last updated time will be displayed:


You can also configure the App to automatically update your location by tapping the 'Auto Update' slider which will automatically send a new location update to Roving Trader Tracker every 10-15 minutes.

Note: Due to power-saving options on most devices, automatic updates may stop when the device screen turns off or after a period of inactivity.