You can update your current location and add future trading locations to a business location on the Roving Trader Tracker website.

Add a Location

  1. Go to the 'Business Locations' page from the 'My Business' menu:


  1. Click the name of the mobile business location you wish to add a new location update to from the list:


  1. Click the 'New location update' button on the business location page:


  1. You can either add an event directly by entering the name of the event (see Attend Events for more details) or you can search for a location in the map. Once you have found a location, you can click + drag the map marker for more a more precise location. You can also click the geolocation button  to find your current location on the map (depending on your device - accuracy may vary).


  1. The address will be filled in automatically from the map marker location but you can adjust it if necessary:


  1. Enter the start and end date/time that you will be at this location for. If you leave the end-date blank, your location update will be valid until you add a new location update. You can also tick the whole day checkbox if you do not wish to specify times for this location update.


Note: Roving Trader Tracker will not allow location updates to overlap for a particular business location (i.e. you can't be in two places at once).

  1. Click 'Save' to add the new location update. The location update will appear as a map marker on your location timeline.