Roving Trader Tracker provides some widgets that you can embed on your own website to display your current/future location to visitors of your website.

Location Widget

The location widget displays the current location of a business location in a Google Maps window that you can embed on your own website:


To use the location widget:

  1. Go to the 'Widget / API' page from the 'My business' pages:


  1. Select the business location you wish to generate the widget for by beginning to type the business location name and selecting it from the dropdown list that appears:


  1. Select the appropriate map zoom level from the dropdown box
  2. Copy and paste the HTML code from the 'Widget' box into the appropriate location on your own website's HTML files. Please contact us if you require assistance with this.


Calendar Widget - Coming Soon

Roving Trader Tracker will soon be adding a calendar widget similar to the one available on the 'Business Locations' page. This will allow your website visitors to see where you are in the coming days/weeks/months: